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Monday, July 22, 2013

Master Bedroom Blanket Update

One of the things I like so much about knitting and crocheting is it is quite easy to get that custom look for your decor.  Each project is unique!  It would have been so easy to just go out and buy a nice bedspread for our new king size bed but I wanted something special that only handmade would offer.  Given the size of planned blanket, I knew this was going to be a challenging project.  I chose a design by called the Wendy blanket then paid for the pattern.  What I paid for was actually the design as there really is no pattern other than a basic granny square.  I was very disappointed in what I did paid for since I could easily have duplicated the 'design' simply from pictures.  She did not include any pertinent details other than to start with a large granny square followed by alternating bands of small granny squares and rows.  At any rate, I developed my own style for this blanket.  Overall I will be pleased to share my results as to how I did certain steps in working the blanket, especially the joining and working corner joints, once the blanket is completed.

master bedroom blanket progress very close to covering the top of our king size bed
I've made a bit of progress on the master bedroom blanket.  The last time I updated was at the end of the eight rows following the second small granny square row.  At that time the blanket measured 57 inches square.  The blanket now measures 73 inches square just shy of covering the entire top of our king size bed.  Each small granny square row or band of eight rows adds about 4 inches.  Adding another band of small granny squares followed by a band of eight rows should give a measurement of 89 inches.  I need a total of 96 inches to include the depth of the mattress.  This means I can add a three to three and a half inch border to the blanket as a finishing touch.  I have been looking at various borders but haven't decided on anything yet. 

small granny squares in process of being made for fourth small granny squares row
I am currently working on the 60 small granny squares for the fourth small granny square band.  The joining row for these squares will be aran, the lightest colour in the blanket.

I normally work all the centres of the granny square first, followed by all the second rows and finally the third rows, putting them into stacks as I go.  In this case I would end up with stacks of squares in various stages of completion.  I changed that method for this set of granny squares, completing all three rows before starting the next square.  For this type of project, the first method is easiest if crocheting the squares on the go.  The method I am using is easier if the crocheting is not mobile but in all honesty either method works.  It is more of a personal preference.

I hope to have the blanket completed in the next couple of weeks.  It is slower going especially with all the distractions of summer but I am making a bit of progress each day.  I'm getting exciting as the blanket nears completion.  Even though it has only been a few months working on the blanket, it seems longer.  Stay tuned for the finished blanket results.