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Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Organization is a key component of my life and is a critical tool that helps me in every faucet of my life. It helps me accomplish those important things in life while putting the not so important things in perspective. It makes me a more effective person while I put those people and values that matter most to me first and foremount at all times. That really is what is all about.

Today I was floundering and then I took one look at my day planner and immediately had the answer. It's Tuesday and my week plan is not in place nor is my Weekly Compass! That is just totally so uncharacteristic for me. My plan was not in place! The worse thing is my husband has decided this is a great time for our annual get our of the snow trip but I'm really not in the mood. It would appear we are going anyway which means I have less than a week to get my planner in gear for the year.

Normally I start planning the new year in advance but with the new grandbaby I had other things on my mind. Under normal circumstances I take the last two weeks of the year to simply refect to see if I'm really where I want to be in life. Then the first week of the new year I'll sit down, modify my goals and plan how I want the year to unfold. But I didn't do that this year so now I'm dealing with chaos and I don't do that well!

Day Planner

For years my system has been the pen and paper method. This is my powerhouse tool that I would be lost without! I'm a very visual person so that what works best for me. I prefer the FranklinCovey paper system and Stephen R. Covey's motivational programs. To date his information has never steered me wrong but it has surely helped keep me from getting into crisis mode.

My husband bought me a Sony CliƩ so I tried solely computerized organizing for a year. It didn't work for me but I have found a way to incorporate the pen and paper method with the PDA and computerized programs. I do the paper planning then transfer to the PDA and hot sync. It is easier to carry around than the paper version so that way I always have everything at my fingertips.

As you can see even my planner needs organizing today! It is a mess so that is my first clue to go back and refresh the 7 Habits. I use the quadrant and priority system so if you look close you will see the A1, B1, C1 system in action all be it not all that effectively today. You won't see a D1 etc because that is the quandant of waste and that's not where I plan to spend time but being human sometimes it just happens. I also use coloured pens because they give me an instant visual clue. Anything written in red is just not a good thing! I use other colours to give instant clues as well.


Stickies are the computerized version of post-it notes on Mac. They give me a very visual clue and keep my husband from complaining about all the post-it notes tacked through-out the house. On first view you will notice my desktop is a cluttered mess so that is on my to-do list. What you don't see in this picture is that I likely had every single program on the computer opened all at once. This is a horrid habit and for me a very difficult habit to break.

As in my dayplanner, I use a colour coded system so the stickie colour is an immediate visual clue for me. Unfortunately the stickies do not hot sync to the PDA so I use them more as day to day reminders for when I think about those little things that need reminders.

I really can't advise on choice of organizing system but I do know what works for me. No one system will give you everything you need so start with one system and tailor it to your needs. Whatever system is used, there is no doubt in my mind that an organization system of some type is absolutely necessary for the smooth running of my home.

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