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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Ah Yes, The Organized Move

Is there such as as an organized move? I'd say it is more like organized chaos only because even with the best of organizational skills employed moving is disruptive. At best things go very smoothly with no glitches. That is the ideal situation but seldom happens. To minimize glitches, get organized. Don't forget you are the one that will be living in the disruption and you are the one that can minimize that disruption. It is best to find out early in the game the things that can go wrong and take steps to prevent the problem. Make lists and go through them according to priority. This is your plan of action for you to follow through to reach you goal of a smooth as possible move. Ok, so you are moving, what next?

Use a prioritized list system and as one item is checked up move other items up if need be. Remember, you are striving for a smooth, organized move so you have to stay focused. Here's the list for our move prioritized under the ABC, 123 system at this time:

  • A1 - take one day to do a walk through with a notepad and write down everything that needs to be done for each room
  • A2 - make a list of all must be notified of your move - phone, utilities, car insurance, home insurance, cable, banks, doctors, dentist, lawyers, associations
  • A3 - gather all essential document's like wills, house papers, birth certificates, passports, insurance and etc - put them in one easy to access spot or a safety deposit box
  • A4 - make a list of all friends and relatives that need to be notified of your move
  • A5 - pack an weekend bag with essentials including baby and pet needs to last two days
  • A6 - call the movers (or arrange help from family and friends)
  • A7- notify everyone on the A2 list* by telephone**

*Do not discount how long this process can take. First you have to jump through the hoops by pressing all kinds of buttons to finally get a human on the phone then you have to go through almost the same process talking to the human. It took me close to 4 hours just to notify phone, hydro, water and gas because we hit a glitch where the new property was listed incorrectly for the hydro. Then we hit another minor glitch over a rented gas hot water tank. That took some time to work out.
**I do not recommend address changes being filled out online especially if it involves the sale of one place and purchase of another. The last thing you want to have happen is a glitch on either end so you end up paying more. It's best to call, jump through the punch the button game and talk to someone. It's one of the best ways of avoiding potential problems.

At this time packing is a B priority depending on your time frame but don't let it go until it becomes an A priority.

  • B1 - designate a central point***
  • B2 - start packing one room at a time - pack 15 to 30 minutes daily and be sure to label the contents and where the destination of that box is, (if you want to do more by all means but at this rate your house will be packed in no time)
  • B3 - purge while packing - (this is very important, do not move anything you do not need to)
  • B4 - arrange for anything useable purged to be donated or tossed
***Your central point is where filled boxes should be stacked. This should be an area out of the main traffic flow and not interfering with the removal of larger pieces of furniture.
  • C1 - pantry/freezer cooking - depend on both for meals, remember do not move anything you don't have to
  • C2 - email and mail notices to those from A4
  • C3- take a breather - this too shall pass
This move is very organized with a lot of prep work being done while the house was for sale. But even with a short notice move, you can make it a smooth move using your organizational skills. Make lists then form a plan and act. Smooth and easy!

Garden Gnome
© 2007


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