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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Respiratory Steam Inhaler

respiratory steam inhaler
Respiratory Steam Inhaler

I suffer from chronic sinusitis that developed into infected sinuses,  allergies, asthma and congestion.  Years ago my ENT told me one of the worst things you could do for these types of problems is to use over the counter medications for these types of problems.  These medications dry the mucosal membranes making them irritated which causes inflammation compounding the problem.  In addition to that problem irritated mucosal membranes are more prone to infection.  Dry, irritated mocosal membranes can also cause asthma flare-ups, nose bleeds and sore throats.  There are two excellent, safe and yet effective ways for symptomatic relief of sinusitis, allergies, asthma, and congestion.

The first way to get relief is through proper internal hydration.  Water intake should be increased to 2 L (64 oz) per day.  This should be plain water.  Caffeinated drinks (eg. tea, coffee, colas) should be avoided as they are dieuretic causing your body to lose the valuable moisture it needs to clear mucosal membranes.  There are several delicious herbal teas that will meet your craving for a hot beverage without the drying effects of caffeine.  There are also special herbal tea blends designed to help reduce mucose production.  Alcoholic beverages should also be avoided due to their dehydrating effects.

Until your body is properly hydrated and even when it is there will be times you need relief.  Steam vapor is a safe and effective way to relieve congetion.  I use a personal respiratory steam inhaler to relieve congestion symptoms as necessary.   No chemicals or salt is needed, only plain water.  My steam inhaler is rather unique in that the hood folds down and is held in place by release tabs for easy travel.  It is only 3½- inches high with the hood folded down so is quite compact.  I really like the design as it takes up little storage room or room in the suitcase.

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