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Friday, October 21, 2011

Designate One Spot For Items Without a Home

There are no two ways about it, moving can be chaotic.  It doesn't stop with the actual move but it does help get organized quickly following the move.  There are bound to be some items you unpack that will not fit the new house or you just don't know where to put them.  All of these items should be diverted into an items without a home spot aka a temporary location out of the way of putting other items away.

Our new home space under the stairs closed off from the main living area via a door.  It has ample storage shelving the previous owners left with the house.  I'm diverting all holiday items (eg. Christmas, Hallowe'en, etc) to one wall of shelving then anything I come across as I unpack that doesn't have an immediate home goes on one of the shelves.  I put the box of marine theme items in there as well.  Most of that does not fit this house so some will be going to our vacation home and the rest donated.

This really is an easy way to get organized after a move.  Essentially you are creating a temporary home for items that don't have a home.  It gives you the option of temporary storage or culling out as the need may be.  My husband even used this tip in the garage.  He designated a temp shelf and a give-away shelf.  He will have one of vehicles in the garage this weekend using this method.  It is a simple method that costs nothing but sure does help with getting organized.

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