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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Moving Towards An Organized Home

Our former house was on the market for eighteen months before it finally sold.  I used that time to declutter thus reducing what we had to move.  The reality is moving from any house to another is going to result in items that are no longer wanted or needed.  We started moving in on September 1, closed on September 15 and left for our vacation home on September 18.  Our goal during the time prior to our fall vacation was to get our new home to the point it was livable.  Once we returned home in October our goals were to get the garage to the point we could get one of our vehicles in it and get the walk-in pantry set up.  We have achieved all of these goals and then some.  Now we are at the point to gear up for organizing and decorating.  I'm rather excited about this!

Garden Gnome