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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Laundry or Utility Sinks

This is the second permanent residence we have owned that does not have a laundry sink.  Our vacation home doesn't have one either but I don't have any plans for painting there.  Let me tell you, not having a laundry sink is a major pain when you are painting.  I used my laundry sinks for everything but laundry.  They were more in line of a utility sink.  The mess stayed there without messing up the kitchen or bathroom sinks. 

I can't abide a dirty sink which explains why I was up at 2 AM shining my kitchen sinks.  I've been working on painting the kitchen for the past 8 days.  Without a utility sink I had to resort to using my kitchen sinks.  Talk about a nuisance.  I have scrubbed and polished those sinks daily because painting really takes its toll on sinks.  I was doing the same in the main bathroom when I painted it a couple of weeks ago.  The worst part is with my plans to paint all the rooms in the house this winter, those sinks are going to get a lot of scrubbing!

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