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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Reducing Bits and Pieces of Paper

Do you remember back when personal computers started making their way onto the market.  They promised to reduce the paper you used which was all good in theory until the internet boomed with all kinds of neat things to print off.  It doesn't help if you are a pack rat list keeper like I am.  I used a paper based personal organizer for years, relying heavily on it through my academic career.  My husband bought me an electronic organizer but I kept going back to the paper method.  Bits and scraps of important information was scribbled on slips of papers all over my desk then spilled out into the rest of the house.  I went to a Sony Cliè that synced to my desktop which was really great for organizing but still the bits of paper cluttered our home.

My husband bought me an iPad for my birthday.  I was at the kids a couple of weekends ago and asked for a piece of paper to jot something down only to hear, put it on your iPad.  If you notice, just about everyone has a cell phone now with many of them being 'smart phones' so there are apps for just about everything you need.  These mobile devices (smart phones, iPod Touch, iPad, Android Tablet, etc) are multifunctional well beyond simple communication.  Most have a built in camera for taking photos and videos.  You can set audible reminders.  Pop them in your purse or pocket to take wherever you go.  If you buy a data plan you can access online anywhere but there are also free Wi-Fi hotspots available.  More importantly these devices can sync with your home computer, laptop or another mobile device so there really is no need for:

  • paper organizers
  • magazines
  • hard copy books
  • paper calendars
  • paper shopping lists
  • newspapers
  • clipping recipes
  • post-it notes
  • personal hard copy phone book
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