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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Recycling vs Not Recycling

We recently spent three weeks at our vacation home in the sunny south.  Now, our vacation home is in a retirement (aka over 50) resort.  It is beyond gorgeous.  What I don't like is the resort does not recycle.  We have been working very hard here at our permanent residence in beautiful Ontario, Canada.  I am pleased to say that between recycling and being very conscious in avoiding over packaging, we currently have our curb side waste down to a little under a kitchen catcher garbage bag per week.  That is still more than I would like but we are working on reducing it further.

We arrive at our vacation home where we have curbside collection twice a week.  I'm not kidding, we had two full sized garbage bags to put out for the first collection.  Then we had company staying with us for a week and that went up to three full sized garbage bags!  Everything, and I do mean everything, goes into the garbage there unless it can go into the food waste disposal.  Every jar, can, box and plastic container goes into the garbage to be whisked away to an overflowing landfill.  In this day and age of being eco-friendly and  leaving a lighter carbon footprint, it is a downright shame that this community does not use some type of recycling.  This is something I will be bringing up to our HOA.  Seriously, we need a recycling program at our vacation homeA!

Garden Gnome


Viktor said...

It is indeed a shame that not only vacation homes but most tropical hotels don't have a recycling program in place. This is why eco-tourism is on the rise. I agree that today, any community or travel spot should have recycling policies in place.

Maybe you can suggest it to the management there?