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Monday, December 11, 2006

Family Slippers

Girl's Slippers

Homemade slippers always are a treat and the perfect way to share your love! This quick to knit slipper is my family's favourite and in our Christmas tradition every member of our immediate family gets a new pair under the tree. I use Red Heart® Super Saver worsted weight yarn. The slipper is knit from the heel to the toe using two strands of yarn. I love the effect of using a varigated yarn combined with a plain yarn. While the original pattern below gives instructions for finishing with pom poms or cuffs, I don't. For the girls, I crochet a lace about 12" long using the two strands of yarn leaving the ends unfinished. One end is threaded into a large eyed needle then pulled through the top of the front seam. The ends are worked in and the lace is tied into a bow. For the guys, I usually leave them plain unless I know someone likes the cuffs.


Garden Gnome

Family Slippers
Source: unknown but more than likely on a yarn wrapper at one time years ago

Such quick and easy knitting produces gifts of real please when you are sure to use Canadianda Suprewash Wool or Canadiana Sayelle for these slippers designed in three sizes. You will nee:- 4(50 g) balls for men's, 3 balls for ladies' and children's size. Small quantity Contrasting Clour if desired. Two No.7 (41/2 mm), (U.S. 7) knitting needles.

The instructions are written for Men's size (M). Any changes necessary for Ladies' (L) and 'Children's (C) sizes are written in brackets thus: ( ).

With double wool and beginning at back of heel, cast on 2 sts.
lst: row: Knit.
2nd. row: Inc. 1. st. in 1st. st. K1.
**3rd and 4th rows: Knit.
5th row: Inc.1. st. in 1st. st. Knit to end ofrow.**
Repeat from ** to ** to 8 sts. on needle, noting that, as there are 2 rows even between increase rows, the increased sts. will alternate D'om one side to the other 0f the triangle thus formed. Continue repeating from ** to ** to 14 sts. on needle. (L- 12 sts.) (C-10 sts.).
Next row: Cast on 13 sts. (L-ll sts.) (C-9 sts.) for side of slipper. Knit these side sts. PI. Knit to last st. PI. Cast on 13 sts. (L-11 sts) (C-9 sts.) for other side. 40 sts. on needle. (L-34 sts.) (C-28 sts.)

1st row: Knit
2nd row: K13. PI. K12. PI. K13.(L-K11. PI. K10. PI. K11) (C-K9. PI. K8. PI. K9).
Repeat these 2 rows about 20 times (L-17 times) ( C-14 times) more, or until work will stretch from back of heel forward on foot to joint of big toe, ending with 2nd row.
Next row: K2. (PI. K1.) 6 times. K13. (PI. K1.) 6 times K1. (L-K2. (PI. K1.) 5 times. K11. (P1.K1.) 5 times. K1.) (C-K2. (PI. KL) 4 times. K9. (PI. K1.) 4 times. K1.)
Next row: (K1. PI.) 7 times. K12. (PI. K1.) 7 times (L-(K1. PI.) 6 times. K10. (PI. K1.) 6 times.) (C-(K1. PI.) 5 times. K8. (PI. K1.) 5 times.)
Repeat these 2 rows 9 times (L-7 times) (C-5 times) more. Next row: K2tog. across row. Purl 1 row.
Next row: K2tog. across row. Break wool. Thread end through remaining sts. Draw up and fasten securely.

To make cuff: With single wool and working along one side of slipper, pick up and knit about 32 sts. (L-28 sts.) (C-24 sts.) by picking up and knitting 3 sts. for every 4 rows (2 ridges). Work 9 rows (L-8 rows) (C-7 rows) in (K1. PI.) ribbing. Cast offloosely in ribbing. Work ribbed border on other side to correspond.

Pompom Style: Omit ribbed cuffs and make a large size pompom. Sew to front.

To make-up: Sew side edges of back triangle to cast-on sts. of sides and then edges of cuff. Sew ribbing at toe of slipper then edges of cuff. Turn cuff over and tack down at front and bac.k