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Monday, March 12, 2007

Beadwork Banner

I love making decorative things for our home because it gives a cosey, homey appeal. Beadwork is an interesting hobby or craft, one I had not tried much of at least not this way. I had not even considered the following type of beadwork.

Beadwork Kit

I was gifted with a beadwork kit for Christmas 2005. It was a beaded banner kit of a lighthouse made by The Beadery® Craft Products. The kit was heavy enough and looked very complicated. It contained nine packages of different coloured hard plastic beads, two kinds of thread, the hanging bar with end pieces, a plastic needle, the pattern and step-by-step instructions. Not included in the kit but necessary to complete the project were tape, ruler, glue and scissors.

This picture was taken just the first few rows were completed. To begin I secured the pattern with post-it notes instead of tape. The first row consisted of 25 beads with the thinner thread running through them. Then the metal rod was slid through every other bead to form rows 1 and 2. The second row was secured with the thread then the piece was worked from one side to the other.

Making Progress

It only took a few rows to become comfortable with the stringing and the process for the left side turn. I left the beads in their little bags but in hindsight it might have been easier to use small plastic containers.

I had the project in progress set up on the dining room table. Once started, moving the banner wasn't really possible so if you decide to try a project like this, that is something to consider. As with all craft projects, I kept the instructions and pattern as well as the extra beads. At some point I may want to make another one that would only then be the matter of finding the thread and beads.

The Finished Banner

The finished banner measures 6 1/4" x 23 1/4". It took me a few days to finish but that is because I had other things on the go at the same time. The package says it would be great for decorating an outer door and while it does appear to mostly waterproof, I decided to hang it indoors. The banner is rather heavy. The texture of the finished piece is quite appealing and unique enough that it does draw attention. It's nice knowing I make something for our home that others get enjoyment from!

Although I use mini beads in scrapbooking my next beadwork project involves sewing mini beads onto a garment in a particular style and design. While there is a picture to follow it is only of the finished beadwork so this will be a little more challenging. Watch for pictures of that project sometime in the future.

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