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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Hand Painted Saw

Artwork makes a home from the scribblings of children proudly displayed on the fridge to posters and to anything we enhance our decor with. Artwork is special because it always captures a bit of the artist, constantly giving, evoking feelings and reminding us we are emotional beings. From previous entries, you have seen some of my needlework and bead work that is displayed in our home. I can't wait to display the artwork of our new grand baby on the fridge!

We collect artwork from a particular local artist. His work is absolutely gorgeous! His work is featured at several art shows throughout the year. He does not paint people or animals but his painting are so realistic that you become one with the painting. They take on a life of their own, changing with the lighting. The detail is amazing! We have four at home and one at the office, each signed by the artist who has become a very good friend. After his signature there is always a number that is the number of years he's been married. Each painting has a story behind it written on the back of the painting and comes with a pamphlet explaining in greater detail the painting. I just love going to their home and hearing the stories behind the paintings. What a wonderful gift he gives. Because of the expense (and they are expensive!) of these paintings, I cannot post pictures online as much as I would love to share with you.

So I'm sharing a picture of my husband's latest findings. He was at an event and saw the artwork of a local artist who's medium is old saws. What a remarkable way to recycle something that would have been tossed into the garbage! He loved the work and thought it would work well with our other artwork. It was love at first sight. The work is beautiful! Our great room is divided into four living areas, none of them having much wall space so this piece of artwork will grace the sitting room area.

Grace your home with artwork that speaks to your heart and soul. Let it touch your very being!

Garden Gnome
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