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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Dishwasher Tip

Baby Bottle Basket

Most dishwashers have silverware baskets with hinged lids that can be closed for smaller items. But what do you do if you have items that are too big for the silverware compartments yet too small to be left on their own in the dishwasher? After oldest grandbaby was born I noticed a special dishwasher basket in the kid's dishwasher for keeping nipples and bottle lids together. Immediately I saw where such a basket would be of use for me. I was a lot of smaller lids, canning rings and small utensils that would be all over the dishwasher if placed in the dishwasher as is. So I put this idea on my thrift shop/yard sale list. This is the type of thing that would go for under a dollar if buying used and should be in almost new condition. A couple of months after oldest grandbaby was born I found one at my favourite resale shop for 25¢. Now I can wash all those smaller items too big for the silverware basket but too small to wash on their own without worrying about them. It is a simple solution! Even if you have to pay the full price of about $5 it would be well worth the purchase.

Garden Gnome


otilius said...

that is a good solution. we don't always have to use something for its "intended" uses. good one!

Garden Gnome said...

Thanks Otilius!