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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Eco Power Crew Socks

Eco Power Crew Sock

We have preferred cotton socks for pretty much as long as we have been married. They became a family affair right from the time the kids started wearing socks. Cotton socks are healthier for you feet because the act as a wick drawing moisture away from your feet while letting your feet breath. This is very important for your overall foot health. Cotton is a wonderful natural fiber that is not only durable but eco-friendly as well.

My husband picked up a 10 pair package of Burlington® Eco Power crew socks at Sam's Club ($10.95). These looked like the regular cotton socks he buys except the label made from recycled materials caught my eye. These are even better. They are a cotton and bamboo blend that not only wicks moisture but they control odor naturally. The green seam stands for earth friendly yarns. This gave me an opportunity to learn a bit about bamboo since until now I thought bamboo was for harder type materials. What I found out is bamboo is one of the world's most sustainable resources. When spun into a fiber it offers a natural moisture wicking property. It is one of the softest, most comfortable yet toughest fibers you can buy.

This small find doesn't seem like all that much in the big picture but I'm quite pleased none the less. It is one more eco-friendly product we can add to our repetoir of eco-friendly products. What's nice is the eco-friendly socks where not more expensive than 100% cotton socks or synthetic socks and in fact were a bit cheaper. So my husband ended up with an eco-friendly healthier version of the cotton sock he likes at a lower price. This was rather refreshing because eco-friendly is the new buzz word so some manufacturers and stores charge more for eco-friendly products. That wasn't the case here.

Garden Gnome


Lola said...

That's an excellent price. I wonder if they sell those at Walmart for slightly more money (since Sam's Club & Walmart are related). I don't have a Sam's Club Card.


Garden Gnome said...

Wal-mart® owns Sam's Club so they might have them. It wouldn't hurt to check. You might have better luck at one of the supercentres as the smaller stores carry less of a selection.

Anonymous said...

I agree that this is an excellent buy. I bought a pack at Sams also size 6-12. I tried them on this am and find them a little tight. Unfortunately American and foriegn manufactures have not accepted the fact that Americans have always been and is still bigger and taller than the rest of the world. I wear size 13 shoe my son size 14 which seems to be very common in my world. I searched the net to try to find the company to see if they manufacture up to size 14 as hanes and fruit of the loom and some off brands do to no avail. Just something to consider as you shop for the ECO brands.

Garden Gnome said...

Hi Anonymous and thanks for visiting. The sizing variations have been an issue for as long as I can remember. It is a bit annoying, isn't it?

AtticTrunk said...

I also bought my husband a package of the socks at Sams Club. He prefered the old style they carried last year, but these were all they had from Burlington. He noticed right away they were not the same... and once washed, only fit my womens size 7 foot! I was stocking up, by purchasing 20 pairs, but all will go back. While they were a nice price, the shrinkage is too much and makes them unwearable for him.

Anonymous said...

I've buying these socks from Sam's Club for a couple years or more, Went to get more this past Dec and they were no longer selling them.

I like the socks - (fit my feet well, have not had the shrinkage issue others have had, wear a size 12 shoe)- like the Eco-friendly idea as well.

But the reason they are no longer available is they are falsely labeled and miss-leading as "green". The FTC cracked down on manufacturers for false advertising.

Here is a link: http://blog.salazarpackaging.com/sustainable-perspective/eco-power-%E2%80%93-the-selling-of-green/

Dennis in MI

Garden Gnome said...

Hi and thanks for visiting. This is indeed sad news. My husband also wears either a size 13 or 14 depending on the design of the shoe but hasn't complained about the socks shrinking. I am disappointed as eco-friendly clothing is one more way to help the planet.

Thanks for posting the link as to the FTC crackdown. Very interesting and I will now need to be just a but more vigilant.