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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Natura Kitchen Compost Caddy

Natura Kitchen Compost Caddy
Natura Kitchen Compost Caddy

Today is Earth Day 2009 so in spirit of doing something extra in celebration of living green, I am sharing one of my green tools. As a gardener I know how valuable compost can be not only for vegetable gardens but for flower beds, as a lawn conditioners and houseplant fertilizer. As someone who enjoys cooking from scratch I also realize that fruit/vegetable peelings, coffee grounds, tea bags and egg shells all represent money spent. You pay for them as part of the cost per kilogram when you buy produce and part of packaging when you buy tea bags and eggs. Throwing kitchen waste away is as good as throwing away money. Worse than that is these items end up in landfills something we can no longer afford.

In some areas of Ontario (Guelph, Kitchener, Waterloo, GTA) kitchen waste is put to the curb in special green bags or bins for collection. This is an ideal solution for those living in townhouses and apartments where they don't have the need for a lot of compost. We do not have that luxury here and in fact the recycling efforts in our area are what I consider a token bandage as very few things can be curb side recycled. Some municipalities allow you to take kitchen waste to the dump but the cost of the trip in terms of CO2 produced by driving to the dump really defeats the effort. Backyard composting is the only eco-friendly way of dealing with kitchen and yard waste in our area. The municipality encourages this but only for those who ask by providing inexpensive ($25) compost bins.

One problem a lot of people have with collecting kitchen waste is getting enough to make the trip to the compost bin. In the cold, wintery months no one wants to make that trip for a cup or so of vegetable peels! The general solution is to use some type of small pail to collect waste until there is enough to empty into the compost bin. The problem with this has been two fold. Decaying fruit/vegetable peels attract flying insects and it smells.

Natura came up with this effective compost caddy that solves both problems. It has a tight fitting lid with a charcoal filter eliminating any odours that might be offensive as well as attract insects. The filters are good for 4 to 6 months. I was extremely surprised at how much this compost caddy holds! It's only 30 cm x 18 cm x 17 cm so it isn't huge. I think it is too big to sit on the counter but the caddy will easily fit in an under the counter cabinet for easy access. I discovered that the food does compact as you add more, something to be expected but as the food decays it packs down further so the caddy only needs emptying about ever week and a half depending on use. It is a sturdy, green plastic that should stand up to a lot of use. I don't know how much the filters are but if they are expensive then a similar filter can be found in pet stores meant for aquariums.

Happy Earth Day!

Garden Gnome


The Mind of a Mom said...

What a brilliant idea! We live in Stoney Creek where we have curb side compost. They provide us a "mini" composter for the kitchen and it is wonderful. It never smells and is so handy, you can take a few days to fill it before putting it into the larger bin.
Sad that composting is not mandatory everywhere

Cheryl Anderson said...

Found your blog on BlogExplosion. I love to compost as well. I have 5 outdoor composts, and a 2 worm composts indoors... I want to eventually get a composting toilet... Feed the compost from the toilet to my fruit trees... Compost can be addicting... Good for you!

Anonymous said...

This is a terrific product. I've had one for three years. Does anyone know where to buy filters?

Anonymous said...

I just bought one and filters at home hardware. I do not have a large outdoor compost but a garden.. Can I directly add my caddy compost to the earth? Or should I get an outdoor one as well?