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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Handy Kitchen Helper

A few years ago when we moved from an urban to rural setting we discovered mice. That house was sandwiched between the water and farmland much the same as this house is. We embarked on an extensive rodent control program at the last house then continued it when we moved here since we knew we would be dealing with the same issues. Aside of sealing rodents out of the home I feel it is extremely important to remove any food supply so meet my handy kitchen helper.

The kitchen is by far the first place food crumbs occur. It's hard to keep the crumbs picked up all the time and rather a pain to get the big vacuum cleaner out every time just to pick up the crumbs. This cute little Dirt Devil® helps keep those dry kitchen spills under control. I can easily clean up dry spills as they happen. We bought it on sale a couple of years ago for $30. Surprisingly this hand held vacuum has become one of my most used tools in the kitchen even though it is not nor ever was billed as being a kitchen appliance.

Garden Gnome


Marlee's Movements said...

we had mice in our place
(still do actually)

They keep eating anything with soft packaging, so everything is in airtight containers

i love the hand held vac - use it for the car!!


Garden Gnome said...

Hi Marlee and thanks for visiting. Aside of sealing mice out the trick is making sure there is no food for them. Glass or metal containers are better than plastic as they can chew through plastic. The hand held vacuum really helps with crumb control :)