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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Duct Tape Fixes Everything

I have to tell you our house is sometimes like living in a comedy of errors.  There is never a dull moment.  We have had a problem with field mice each fall when the crops come off.  The problem was big enough when we moved here we baited indoors, outdoors, in the garage and set traps.  So we continue to seal every nook and cranny we can find.  A few nights ago my husband claimed he heard a mouse in the furnace room.  Mice are not quite when they are trying to gnaw their way through.  I did not hear anything to put the idea out of my mind.  A couple days later he was in the furnace room and saw an empty mouse trap on the floor when it had previously been up in the beams so he baited it then put it back up in the beams.  Onward to a couple of nights ago...

the quick duct tape fix
We arrived home just after midnight Saturday night.  It had been a long day spent in the GTA visiting our kids in two different communities.  We both crashed!  About an hour later my husband got up to use the washroom and then it happened...

The toilet seat broke!  Knowing the stores weren't open at 2 AM and being the ever thoughtful husband, he fixed the toilet seat with duct tape.  I'm not kidding as you can see.  But when he was in the furnace room looking for the duct tape he spotted the mouse trap had done it's job.  Apparently there had been a mouse after all!  So he got rid of the mouse, fixed the seat and finally crawled back into bed.

new toilet seat
Being the good wife that I am, I managed to sleep through the whole fiasco.  I woke to find duct tape on the toilet seat and no memory of him waking me up to tell me all about his adventures.  He called me later in the day to tell me again.  I could only laugh about his early morning fun. 

My husband came home with a new oak toilet seat to replace the broken one.  It likely was a good thing as explaining to potential buyers about why  there as duct tape on the toilet seat is likely something our real estate agent would rather not do.  I liked the look so left the fuzzy lid cover off, something that is only on along with the floor mats for showing the house.  I seriously don't like bathroom mats especially around the toilet.  So we have decided to put a new floor in to help this bathroom show better and eliminate the mats all together.  Ah the fun of late night adventures and where they lead...

Garden Gnome