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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I Spy in a Jar (Children's Game)

I love using recycled or items that would be tossed to make crafts and other fun things.  Now, I cannot take full credit for this children's game.  One of our kids found the idea and made one for the grandkids.  I thought it would be a nice addition to Grandma and Papa's toy box as well.

recycled materials for I Spy Jar
The material list for this project is quite simple.  Choose simple, easily recognized found objects around the house.  Don't use an object that will break easily.  It is important to glue the lid to the jar after you are satisfied with the results.  Otherwise you could end up with rice scattered throughout the house.


plastic jar
about 2 ½ c long grain white rice
15 to 20 small found objects
hot glue gun
glue stick

Place the found objects in the jar.  Add rice.  Hot glue the top to the jar.

I Spy Jar children's game
Pictured is the finished I Spy in a Jar.  The object of the game is for the child to find as many of the items possible.  You can add a time limit and score card for older children.  This is a good toy to take along in the car and for a quiet time activity. 

I thought this was such a cute way to recycle while making a fun toy for the grandkids.  It was extremely easy to make.  If you have little ones at home you could even involve them in the collection of found objects and the assembly although the hot gluing should be left to Mom or Dad.

Garden Gnome