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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Oh the Joys of Renting Out Our Vacation Home

We along with another couple arrived at our vacation home in Florida on May 8.  I seriously was embarrassed!  The resort takes care of any rental arrangements for us but believe me that is going to change.  It has been nothing but problems this year what with late rent payments and bogus repair charges.  Then we arrive to find a house that was dirty even though the cleaners had been in three times.  Apparently the cleaners don't do sinks, toilets, the wall behind the stove, or floors.  I was beyond ticked!  I should have called them right then but it was well after 10 PM so the next day I got busy cleaning then we flew out to Aruba.  When we returned from Aruba and our friends left, I had a good chance to assess our home.

Two bath towels had somehow become violet, not white, violet.  Two hand towels looked like they had been used to clean up axial grease.  Every cabinet had been rearranged and someone had plastered stickers all over our patio doors.  The microwave oven was beyond being disgusted, it was down right filthy.  The drip pans on the stove were equally dirty.  The hard flooring was quite dirty and clearly the mirrors had not been cleaned at all.  I actually had to clean toothpaste splatters off one of the mirrors.

I spoke with the resort.  They were very apologetic and reassured me it will not happen again.  They are replacing our towels.  Clearly, we cannot leave out good towels or anything else we don't want ruined.  That includes some small kitchen appliances.  We have a locked storage closet but need to add personal storage in the shed.  The thing is we have rented plenty of condos, time shares, and cottages where there is a fully equipped kitchen.  I wouldn't dream of rearranging the kitchen or leaving the place dirty or destroying what was left there to make life easier during the rental period.  Apparently others do not feel the same way!

Garden Gnome


Rebecca Mecomber said...

WOW. That is horrible! I'm a real fussbudget about our living quarters, even hotel rooms. I guess I'm a germophobe, lol!! I hope the rental company makes it right.