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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

New Garburator aka Food Waste Disposal Installed

My husband installed the new garburator (food waste disposal) today.  It is an Insikerator® Badger® 5 that we bought on sale and installed as a DIY project.  I did take a couple of pictures but really all they show it it installed.  The installation was problem free taking only a couple of hours.  This is a half HP unit, that will more than satisfy our needs.

We wanted a garburator as we have had them in the past.  Even though they do use electricity they are an eco-friendly alternative to transporting food waste to landfills if you have that option.  They cover any excess food waste during the busiest home canning season that cannot easily be added to the home compost bin.  Garburators are great for disposing of leftover table scraps and plate scrapings that cannot easily be used in another dish and they will handle meats bits, fatty foods and bones as well. 

Our goal is to reduce our household waste to under one kitchen garbage bag of actual waste per month.  Between the compost bin and [trust me in an urban setting we would produce way too much compost] the garburator we should essentially have no smelly garbage at all.  That means if we miss a week or two of curbside waste collection or forget to put it out before an extended stay at our vacation home, any garbage in the garage is not going to attract rodents or other wildlife and it won't smell.  I am really looking forward to odour free household waste!

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