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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Still Unpacking

We started moving here September 1, 2011 with being fully moved in on the 15th when we took official possession as owners.  Here it is ten months later and we are still unpacking!  In fairness, we were at our vacation home for a total of eleven of those weeks.  Then the house was disrupted as we've had rooms being painted as well as various service people and our custom woodworker in.  My husband could not start unpacking his larger sports and music collection until the custom shelving was finished for the games room.  It was installed a couple of weeks ago so more boxes are getting emptied.

Summer is upon us so that has meant outdoor work to be done in addition to the heavier canning season starting.  We opened the pool which translates into more company.  Our boat is in the water but we haven't had her out yet.  So we have a lot less indoor time to unpack and get things organized.  Still we are plugging along trying to get a box or two unpacked each day.  As we unpack we do a bit of culling out.  Even though we did a lot of decluttering preparing for the move, clearly we still have too much stuff!  Not only that, we have cardboard boxes to crush and moving bins to store which tend to take up a lot of room until dealt with.  If we keep at it, everything should be unpacked and dealt with by the end of summer.

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