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Friday, November 23, 2012

Craft Markets or Shows

A few days ago, I went to a local craft market.  I seldom spend money at these types of events being an avid crafter myself.  I basically go to get the ideas of what to make for holiday gift giving.  Every once in awhile I will buy something, knowing full well I can easily make my own version of it myself or at the very least find out how to make it.  If you are crafty, this is definitely the time to be spending a bit of time at craft markets or shows!

Craft markets or shows are rather interesting.  The crafts tend to be textile (eg. knitter or crocheted  items), wood items, hand crafted jewelry, homemade candles and homemade baked goods.  In my experience, vendors tend to have their prices on the high side but you are getting something unique and they do have to pay for their table along with all associated costs so they really are making nothing off of what they sell.  As a crafter, I am well aware of this so have no problem supporting fellow crafters especially during the holiday season.  It spreads a bit of good cheer :)

At the same time, I know and know where to find the resources these very same crafters are selling.  It doesn't matter that I'm not a competitor, it matters that I can make the very same thing myself at a fraction of the cost for gift giving.  Not only that, many crafters are very generous with sharing their suppliers and how they do things especially if they don't view you as being the competition.

While I am a avid crafter I don't sell my crafts.  They are created for my family, friends and our enjoyment.  I honestly don't think there is much of a market in many hand crafted items, certainly not enough to pay for the materials and time.  Rather, I craft out of the love of crafting and as a way to keep my hands busy while watching television.  Knitting and crocheting tend to help me relax as well, most times unless it is a poorly written pattern. Still, craft markets can be a mecca for supporting other crafters while getting a few new ideas of crafts you would like to make for gift giving.