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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Avoid Phillips/Magnavox Televisions! Our Lemon of a Television

Back in mid May of 2007 we bought a LCD Magnvox flat screen television.  It was on sale, had a great picture with high definition (HD) and was bought on a whim to replace a dead television.  As a result we did not do any research on this television, something that is rather odd for us.  What we have ended up with is a lemon!

Magnavox television
The television is just a little over 3 years old.  A few months ago the power light started blinking rather than just turning on when pressed.  After several minutes we could finally get a picture.  My husband figured out a couple of tricks to get it going.  Over the last few weeks the situation has worsened.  A friend recommended we get the television checked but we put it off because a service call is $80.  It's a good thing we did.  A few days ago I did a Google search to find out that this is a common problem with Phillips/Magnavox televisions to the point there were complaints filed with the FTC and there is a class action lawsuit by dissatisfied customers underway.

There is no way a new television should fail within a 3 year period!  According to several sources the actual part is $8 but the costs to replace the part hover around the $800 mark.  Phillips/Magnavox is not standing behind their product essentially ripping off thousands of consumers.  I haven't called them but those who have are reporting horribly rude customer service over this issue.  Many have reported their Phillips/Magnavox television failing within a short period to a year after purchase so perhaps we were very lucky our television lasted 3 years.  We are now doing the research to replace this failed television.  I can guarantee you it will not be replaced with a Phillips/Magnavox television.  I can also guarantee that all of our friends, family and anyone else who will listen that they won't be buying a television for them either!


Jess Pettit said...

Thanks for the post and related documentation. I took it slow, was very deliberate and patient, followed your instructions and other links. My Magnavox is now working flawlessly. I saved $400-600 in repairs. Not for the faint of heart or someone with no circuit board hobby experience, but an easy fix.

Garden Gnome said...

Hi Jess and thanks for visiting :) I'm so glad the repair worked for you. It's nice saving that money as well, isn't it? It's just a same consumers have to do this in the first place though.