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Monday, September 6, 2010

More Information on Magnavox Television Problem With DIY Solution

Yesterday I wrote about our Magnavox television problem.  Last night I did a bit more research and stumbled upon a site that explained how to fix the problem yourself.  Our television is a Magnavox 37MF331D/37 that was manufactured in July of 2006.  We bought it in early 2007.  The television power problem is bad enough that there are talks of a class action lawsuit against Phillips/Magnavox.  According to some sources the part costs $9 but labour to do the repair costs about $800.

What I found out was there is a 25V capacitor marked 2074 on the power supply circuit board that goes.  The capacitor is easy to identify when it goes because the top bulges and the ooze a black liquid.  Replacing these capacitors with Radio Shack part # 227 - 1020 (35V).  The problem in these televisions is when Phillips/Magnavox outsourced the assembly a 25 V capacitor was used when it should have been a 35 V capacitor.  I found a great series of photos from someone who fixed their television so we know what to look for.  He fixed his television for about $5 with the most time consuming part of the DIY project being removing all of the screws. 

My husband is going to pick up a new capacitor tomorrow then do the repair either tomorrow night or Wednesday morning.  At this point we have nothing to loose.  The television is not worth spending $800 on and now that it is refusing to power on without a great deal of effort, steadily getting worse it won't be long before it doesn't power on at all rendering the television garbage.  If all goes well with this DIY repair our television will be back to normal operating condition.  I will post how the repair goes.