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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Back From Vacation

We recently spent a week in Las Vegas, a brief 18 hour stop at home then ten days at our vacation home in Florida.  We rent the house out when we are there if possible.  It was rented out for the months of February and March.  I was on pins and needles but I think once I get used to the idea of rent out our vacation home it will be fine.  The first tenants came across as those we don't want back.  They were not friendly with our neighbours at all.  Being in Canada and the vacation home in Florida it is very important that we have good neighbour relations in Florida.  We are depending on them to keep an eye on our investment when we aren't there.  They were a bit on the nit picky side as well.  The second couple got along good with our neighbours.  They were friendly and from what we saw treated the house as they would have treated their own even using the bug spray we left in the garage to treat the outside of the house.  They left us a thank-you card for letting them rent our home.  I thought that was quite nice.

Tenants pay a cleaning fee.  The house was left in good condition but one of the beds was not made.  It wasn't a major problem but it should have been made.  There was a chip out of one of the stove drip pans so I wasn't impressed with that but it was likely an accident.  Other than that the rental experience of our rental home is going rather well. 

Garden Gnome