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Monday, July 11, 2011

House Sale Update - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

My apologies for not updating sooner.  We arrived home from our spring vacation to see my husband being hospitalized.  So it has been rather interesting here to say the least.  Our house has been for the most part on the market since March 2010.  We went private after returning home then reduced the price  dramatically because we really want to close on our new house.  It's back with a real estate agent.  The new price is getting a lot of interest but so far no offers. 

We are continuing to do the spit and shine.  We had a concrete firm come in to raise our sidewalk and we have put down a lot of new cedar mulch.  The outside is looking really good!  We are continuing to do smaller projects indoors as well.   This week we are replacing the drop ceiling tiles in the laundry room.  It will make that room looks a bit brighter.  Next on the list is painting the master bedroom.  We will go with a neutral colour.  And so we plug along, hoping for an offer...

Garden Gnome