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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Power Washer Warning

The house is back on the market which means I've been doing as much cleaning as possible.  I had the power washer out a couple of days ago.  You know when your hands get dirty how you quickly rinse them under the hose?  Well, I did that without thinking using the power washer.  It felt like a razor going through my finger but lucky me I did not do as much damage as I could have.  I came in, cleaned and bandaged the wound then went back to work.  That night I put neo-sporin on it and rebandaged then repeated for the following couple of days.  Then I noticed the wound was weeping so decided air was needed, removed the bandages and started applying regular soap and water handwashings as well as rubbing alcohol.  Here it is a week later and the wound still hurts with a bit of weeping.  I am treating it aggressively.

Power washers have the ability to drive water and contaminates under the skin.  In the worst case senario being hit by the spray of a power washer can cause an embolism (life threatening or death).  By default it causes necrosis below the skin that can lead to sepsis (life threatening) and amputation (disfiguring).  The wound may need to be re-opened surgically. 

Never, ever, ever get a body part in the path of the stream of a power washer.  It can be life threatening or worse!  I don't know if I will need further medical intervention but as mentioned I am aggressively treating this wound.  This is a heads up to keep any body parts well away from the stream of a power washer!

Garden Gnome