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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Excited About the Prospects of Moving

Our lives have been pretty much in limbo since we listed the house a year ago last March (2010).  There is an awful lot of stress involved in selling a house and it really wears thin when the house sits on the market considerably longer than anticipated.  The offer this week has given me us hope and a bit of excitement.  The market has softened so we aren't going to get the money the house is worth but we want to move.  We thought we would like living on waterfront property in a rural setting but we were wrong.

It has been quite isolating especially for me during the winter months.  I can easily go well over three weeks without ever leaving the house in the winter.  It is considerably more expensive living out here as well.  We have to drive everywhere as there isn't even a variety store within walking distance.  It is difficult getting housesitters when we are away as they have to make that drive here and back.  We figured just in gas savings alone we would be saving well over $2,000 per year.  Our internet service will become more dependable, actual high speed and at less than half the cost of what we are paying now.  Our taxes, mortgage payments and in short all of our living expenses will decrease as well.  But this move is not just about saving money.   It is much more than that so hopefully the offer goes through!

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