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Friday, July 29, 2011

The Offer is Dead in the Water

My husband and I are anxious to move, that is a given.  After 16 months of having the hose on the market, any offer is a good offer.  One guy asked verbally if we would accept $45,000 less than our asking price.  We told our agent no.  Finally an offer came in at $40,000 below our asking price.  I should mention our asking price is $5,000 less than what we paid for the house a little over four years ago.  So we have been going back and fourth with negotiations the past few days.  We just got word that the buyer will not go above $30,000 below our asking price.  We had already figured out this buyer is jerking us around so to speak.  Now once the buyer who has been through our house twice has a bit of a chance to think about it, that may change.  This is prime, riverfront property so we are not about to just give it away.  We signed at the lower price hoping to be able to get moved into the house we want.  We have a conditional offer on that one.  If that house falls through, we will have to find another one meaning the carrot we were after is gone.  We will likely be sitting in limbo until spring 2012 or longer if this happens but one thing is for  certain is we are not giving this house away.  At the end of the listing we will push the price back up where it should be then sit and wait.  I'm sure someone will come along who sees the potential and is reasonable enough to give us a decent and fair offer.

Garden Gnome