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Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Couple of Mouse Proofing Ideas

I did a bit of volunteer work at our local library today.  One of the ladies, a friend of ours had stopped at Canadian Tire for these rather nice blueplanet totes on wheels.  This is a Canadian made product using 75% recycled content and the totes themselves can be recycled if no longer needed.  They were on sale for $5.99 so I bought four of them.  You see when it comes to mice, I take a very aggressive approach meaning nothing, absolutely nothing in my large, bedroom sized pantry is at risk.  It is protected by glass, plastic or metal.  With just moving here in September there were a few things not as protected as I wanted and besides I am still trying to organize the pantry so the totes were necessary.  As I worked, I eyed up a spot beside my industrial wire food shelving unit.  The space is 17" Wide, 18" Deep and I can basically expand to the ceiling (8') if I want.  This spot would be perfect for a metal storage cabinet with shelves for boxed foods, similar to a locker.  The food would be protected yet it would be a lot more convenient access to the boxed food besides rummaging through storage bins.  I am now looking for something that will work for this purpose.

The second idea I had as I worked was creating a rodent proof storage area for things like potatoes, onions, squashes and apples.  From experience, rodents will gnaw on the foods if given a chance.  The biggest problem is all of these foods need air circulation so I plan on making a lidded bin that uses carpenter's cloth.  This will allow air circulation for the produce but keep any rodents out.  Watch for that design to come shortly as soon as I make it.  I already know what I want it to look like so putting the plan into action is next.  Even with the best of sealing, rodents can and do get into homes because they gnaw their way through.  The key thing here is as long as any rodent that does get in cannot get any food, it will move on to an easier target.   I intend to make our home a horrid target for rodents :)

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