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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Easy Decorative Candle Centerpiece

I love decorative accents that can easily be co-ordinated with other accents yet the elements can be dismantled to be re-used in future projects.  With only two days to prep the house for Christmas this year, I did not have the time to get really fancy.  I needed a couple of simple accents that I could whip up without much time or effort.

materials for decorative candle centerpiece
I needed a simple, holiday theme centerpiece for the diningroom table.  This table was only going to be used for breakfast then it would hold trays of various goodies for snacking while giving a spot to sit and enjoy coffee.  I decided on using a charger as the base.  A charger is the decorative plate that a dinner plate sits on.  We don't burn paraffin candles in our home but I do keep a few on hand for decorative purposes only so I brought out three ivory candles from my craft supplies.  I used the same glittery red, green and gold ribbon as I did making the decorative accent vase and sprigg I didn't use making the vase.  I raided the bathroom cabinet for epsom salts.  While epsom salts is used mainly in the bathroom, it is an excellent crafting medium to work with as well.

finished decorative candle centerpiece
This centerpiece was about a simple and low cost as you can get.  It took me about 5 minutes to put together.  I tied the candles into a grouping of three then placed slightly off centre on the charger.  I sprinkled epsom salts around the base then tucked in the artificial sprigg.  The centerpiece was complete.  That's it, nothing fancy just a bit of a festive touch to the table and one that could easily be dismantled after the holiday season. I like how this simple centerpiece came out. 

Decorative accents do not need to not need to be expensive or fancy, they just need to add that little bit of something special.  In fact, sometimes simplicity wins out when it comes to decorative accents especially during the holiday season. 

Garden Gnome