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Saturday, January 7, 2012

No House is Perfect

Years ago when we bought our first house it was perfect.  Well, in actuality it was perfect for our needs at that time.  The reality is regardless of how much you spend on a house or how much you spend decorating or renovating it, no house is ever perfect.  This is our sixth owned permanent residence and we do own vacation property.  The vacation property is now just barely 5 years old while our new home is not quite 18 years old.  Both had been well looked after, with the vacation home being empty before we bought it for almost 2 years. 

Problems surfaced in both homes as they did in the homes we owned before.  None of them have been major problems but they were still problems none the less.  From personal experience problems with home will always surface over time because homes age.  There seriously is not much you can do about it other than be on top of problems before they get bigger.

Sometimes it is better to work with what you have as well.  For example, in our last two houses the kitchens were painfully small but we learned how to function quite nicely with the larger scale cooking we do.  There are lots of great space saving and living in small spaces ideas out there to help with even the tiniest space.  This house too has a small kitchen and yet the house is huge (technically 5 bedroom).  Although, unlike our last two houses, there is the opportunity to add onto the kitchen, it would be a massive undertaking so while we are discussing it, I doubt we will add much more than a three season sunporch.

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