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Friday, November 12, 2010

A Bit Disappointed (House Sale Update)

On the selling front things are going nicely.  We have a potential buyer who wants to go through for a second time tomorrow night.  Now that is, given the house sale track record this year, very good news.  The disappointment came from finding out there is an offer in on the house we want that is only pending a house inspection.  The real estate agent figures that offer will stand so we will be back to looking for another piece of property.  We can't really put an offer in on another house without and offer in on ours.  The one we looked at with rumoured water problems is still up for sale and since we liked that house that is always an option but we would insist on a home inspection.  There is another one we are somewhat interested in as well so that is another option.  Now we play the waiting game for an offer on our house before we actively look for a house to move to.  We are a bit disappointed but these things happen when dealing with real estate offers.

Garden Gnome