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Monday, November 1, 2010

Our New Real Estate Agent

This past Friday night we decided to list the house again with a real estate agent. This time we moved away from the previous brokerage who seemed to have a rather negative attitude in that between March 17 and August 31 they brought us no offers. We firmly believe it was not the fault of the agent but more so the cocky attitude of the actual brokerage. In fairness and a bit of loyalty to our previous agent with whom we have dealt with in the past, she will do the purchase for our next place but not the sale of this house. We think this will reward her for her hard work yet send the brokerage the message we were not happy. So we listed with a fairly new brokerage that really seems to be getting results in our area.

Our new real estate agent is a real go getter! We met with her at 10 pm Friday night. The sign goes on the house today in house (brokerage agents only) dog and pony show is this also today. The second dog and pony show for MLS agents is on Wednesday. Tonight has been a spit and polish night. The nice thing is because the house had been previously listed for much of the year there was no massive cleaning to do AND we have been continuously decluttering so that should make a bit of a difference. I'm rather excited at the prospect this real estate agent may just get us the results we want.

Garden Gnome