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Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Utility Cart Set-up

heavy duty utility cart

I recently posted about the heavy duty commercial utility cart I assembled for the kitchen.  Pictured is the utility cart all set up in the intended location.   It is a nice, sturdy and practical addition for the kitchen.  I hung two fry pans on the top shelf under the handle.  The upper shelf can be quickly cleared to provide extra prep space during canning or bulk cooking sessions.  Now that the potted herbs have been brought indoors I will likely use the top shelf for them.  When entertaining I can easily clear the shelves and set up as necessary.  The cart can then be used on the patio or moved to the room where the bulk of the entertaining is held.

Of interest is the pie keeper on the top shelf, the Anchor Hocking Fire King peach lustre custard cups and casserole dish on the second shelf and the pressure cookers on the lower shelf.  The pie keeper was made by my husband during our heavy ceramic making phase in the 1980's.  The Fire King casserole dish was made in the 1960's and the custard cups were made between 1942 and 1945.  These pieces are part of my larger collection of antique and vintage glassware.  They are in still in regular use.  My two pressure cookers are a 6 qt Jasi (aluminum) in the middle on the lower shelf and a 4 qt Fagor (stainless steel).  Both pressure cookers see regular use as I prefer them to the microwave oven or slow cooker.  They are actually cheaper to cook with than a slow cooker.    I also have 2 pressure canners (not pictured).  A pressure cooker operates at 15 lb pressure whereas pressure canners operate at 5, 10 or 15 lb of press.  A pressure cooker cannot be used for canning but a pressure canning can also be used for cooking.

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