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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Old Man Winter is a Howling!

Old Man Winter is a howling and yet we can't complain since autumn has been rather on the mild side.  As a result we have only used our natural gas fireplace a few times.  We haven't put the furnace on yet which is nice.  Yesterday we had a large, rather nasty storm cell go through.  It was not near as bad as they were predicting.  The winds were high but at least here I don't think they hit the speeds predicted.

This is the time of year where my mind turns to winterizing.  I'm over the busiest part of the canning season so aside of canning dried beans, soups and stews can focus on winterizing.  This year will be a bit different in that the house is up for sale and a good chunk of the draft sealing has already been done.  Since it has been milder we will leave the upper screened sunporch open a bit longer that will help with any viewings without hurting our pocket book.  Still the caulking gun is right handy ready to use anytime I find a draft.  I'm thinking of hanging quilted covers on the windows this year as well.  They will look nice for house showings yet serve a practical function.  More on those to come.

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