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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Big Bang Theory

Have you ever watched the show The Big Bang Theory?  The title is based on the scientific theory that the universal started with a big bang that was the catalyst for life forms.  Well, 2010 feels like a big bang.  We bought a vacation home in the sunny south back in March two days after deciding to tear apart one bedroom to create a craft room.  By that weekend our house was on the market privately for sale.  We decided that selling our permanent residence made a lot of sense at it would save considerably just in daily travel costs.  When the house didn't sell privately we gave it to a real estate agency to sell.  In May we finally got to see our new vacation home and came home renewed with the desire to sell.  Unfortunately the real estate agency brought us no offers and we heard of problems in the house we had an offer in on.  So when our listing with the real estate agency ran out the end of  August we decided to not renew.  We spent the last two weeks of September and first week of August at the vacation home where we had a wonderful chance to relax and come down to the speed of life.  We were also able to sign the agreement to rent our vacation home out when we aren't there so

During our many discussions we kept coming back to the idea that both of us really want to sell our permanent residence.  It is a gorgeous home with a great view but it is rural meaning higher daily travel costs, more time spent on the road instead of at home and it is very isolating during the winter months.  In addition to that we can't get real high speed internet.  The only choice is dial-up or high cost satellite internet and since dial-up won't meet our needs we have to pay the extra cost of satellite.  Between gasoline and internet service we would save $2,400 per year by moving into town.  However the saving are much more with lower mortgage payments, lower house insurance and lower maintenance.  Another plus is the house we have our eye on has a bigger kitchen and great solar potential.  So we shall see but we decided to first sell our house before getting our hopes up.  We put the private sale sign on the house yesterday.  Let the chaos begin ;)

Garden Gnome