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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bed Sheets

I can remember when we were newly weds having only two sets of sheets.  While they were expensive they matched and they washed up well.  Over the years though the fitted sheets tended to wear faster.  Like many young couples raising children our money was better spent on the needs of our kids so I'd buy sheets at resale stores and yard sales.  Once washed up they served their purpose but they didn't match.  That was fine with us as long as they were clean.  After the kids left home we finally splurged on two sets of matching set of bed sheets, one for summer and one for winter.   Then my allergist recommended using special allergy sheets that if I recall correctly were 460 count.  The tighter weave would help with my dust mite problems.  I ended up paying $60 for that set of sheets!

1200 count bed sheet sets
We went to a couple of flea markets near our vacation home where we discovered 1200 count Egyptian cotton bed sheet sets for only $16.  What a bargain if you ask me!  The higher the thread count the softer the sheets making them considerably more comfortable for sleeping.  These sheets are really quite lovely.  They wash well and dry without wrinkles.  We won't go back to using lower thread count bed sheets.  I bought a set for the vacation home and two sets for home.  Mind you this is after we paid $80 for two 450 thread count bed sheet sets for the vacation home so I am kicking myself for not checking the flea markets first.  At that price I could have bought 5 better quality bed sheet sets at the flea market!

I have budgeted $50 for bed sheets the next time we are at the vacation home.  That will give me three more sets for home.  Since I took a lot of the mis-matched sheets to the vacation home there is no real need to buy additional sheets.  Still the price is not prohibitive so a couple.  I am extremely impressed with the quality.

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