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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The No-Poo Shampoo Experiment

I've made homemade soaps and toiletries for a number of years mainly as a way of getting healthier alternatives to the harsh, chemically laden commercial alternatives.  We found that switching from detergent based body cleansers to homemade, all natural vegetable based soap that our skin improved considerably.  As a result I am always on the look-out for natural and healthier substitutes for toiletries.  Well during my surfing a couple of weeks ago I came across the notion of no-poo shampoo.  The premise is by moving away from using shampoo entirely your hair is healthier, stronger and better behaved.  Then over the past couple of weeks I saw more bloggers blogging about this method.  It is getting rave reviews! 

The method is very, very simple.  Wash your hair with a 1:1 mixture of baking soda and water.  Rinse then rinse with apple cider vinegar.  That's it.  Unlike commercial shampoos that contain alcohols and salt, the natural cleansers do not strip your hair of it's natural oils.  There's no artificial scents or colourants either.

My hair is waist length prone to frizzing in high humidity, misbehaving just because but then other days behaves beautifully and my scalp is extremely sensitive.  I would never dream of washing my hair daily or my scalp would be a mess and my hair would be like a broomstick.  My favourite hair products are Pantene and Fructis but occasionally I use Aussi.  I have decided to give the no-poo shampoo method a try for a month.  It makes a lot of sense to me because baking soda is an excellent cleanser so getting my scalp and hair clean is not an issue.  Introducing cider vinegar that has anti-bacterial and detangling properties concerns be a little.  Of bigger concern is getting my husband on board with this experiment.  He is not fond of the smell of apple cider vinegar so this should be an interesting experiment all the way around.  Stay tuned.  I will report back on how well the non-poo shampoo method worked for us.

Garden Gnome