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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Emergency Certification

I mentioned in yesterday's post that both my husband have First Aid, CPR and WHIMS certification.  In my opinion every household should have at least one qualified member to administer first aid and CPR if necessary.  While these certifications are mandatory in some workplaces, they really aren't in the home and yet 80% of all accidents happen in the home!  It is in the home that emergency first aid kit is often needed.  It is important though to know what to do in an emergency because one of your loved one's lives may be depending on it.  My recommendation is to have formal first aid and CPR training.  This will cost about $80 with a time commitment of 3 to 6 weeks but it is well worth it. 

WHIMS is a specific certification for those working with chemicals in the workplace.  In most cases employers pay for this certification so there is no cost to you.  I still recommend getting this certification even if your employer does not pay for it.  In most cases it will be a day workshop at about $40 or less but will help give a better understanding of the chemicals and their potential danger in the home.

For under $200 you can be fully certified to deal with any emergency and have the first aid kit to be sure your family is in capable hands in the event of an accident.   All of these certifications require recertification at some point.  I think certification is only good for 5 years.  In reality though once you have the skills if you aren't using them for employment purposes you should be fine for any injury or medical emergency that arises at home.

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