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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Family Health Reference Book

From time to time family members come down with minor ailments that aren't serious enough to see a doctor but are still in need of treatment for symptom relief.  When I was growing up my Mom had a family health reference book that she would turn to when anyone was not feeling well or had suffered a minor injury.  At that time before the days of the internet it was common for most households to have some type of a health reference book.  It was also common practice to rely on home remedies to relieve symptoms.

Do-it-Yourself Health ISBN 0-7835-4939-3
I can't recall the name of my Mom's family health reference book.  I think it came as part of her encyclopedia set, The Book of Knowledge.  As newlyweds we bought the Crollier's Encyclopedia set that came with a family health reference book.  We donated that set when we moved into our third house.  They were getting outdated and with the internet were not as useful.  I bought the Do-it-Yourself Health book to use as my family health reference book.

This book has 1,001 tips to use to make you feel better and stay well.  It includeds natural remedies and herbal cures.  It is not meant to be a substitution to medical care if needed but rather as a practical guide as to how to prevent and relieve symptoms.  The book is quick to advise as to what symptoms require medical treatment too.   As you can see I have a lot of little post-it flags marking tips and advice for dealing with certain minor ailments.  The Do-it-Yourself Health book has become a valuable addition to my extensive book collection.

Garden Gnome


Mama Mia said...

When I became a mom about 3 years ago, I also started investing on books tackling home remedies and how best to take care of my kid. I'm not saying that I self-medicate or act like my kid's doctor. Absolutely not! I still ask her pediatrician's advice.