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Friday, February 25, 2011

Frustration on the House Selling

We listed our house last March shortly after buying our vacation home in the sunny south.  Our property is waterfront so we had no indication that selling would be an issue.  Well it has been.  We had our property listed privately then put it with a real estate agent we have dealt with before.  When that failed to bring us any offers we took it off the market then a month later relisted but with a different realtor.  The agent seemed all gun ho so we figured the house would have been sold with us moved before Christmas.  Oh my were we ever wrong.  It would appear this realtor likes bringing in the down right pissants that really aren't interested in putting in an offer.  Then we get an email the other day that totally ticked me off to no end!

A couple had come through our house for the second time so that is a good sign, right?  Wrong!  I'm not sure who put her up to this email but it was in very poor taste.  First off the couple was trying to negotiate through email WITHOUT putting in an offer.  They were seriously trying to find out our financial position and how desperate we were to sell.  Then she even mentioned doing a cash back for them while doing about $5,000 worth of repairs on the house with one of those repairs being listed as one we had already done and have the receipts to prove in.  Then as if it couldn't get any worse the gal copped an attitutde.  Of course this all happened two days after extending our contract!

A couple of weeks ago I was quite sick but they wanted to show the house.  I said yes despite feeling like crud.  The real estate agent was over an hour late, made no appologies for being late and yet wasn't in the house longer than 5 minutes.  I'm not kidding!  So last week I injured my leg rather severely so am on crutches.  They wanted to show the house this coming Sunday.  I said no.  I can barely get around as it it, our kids are down and my husband will be at the office at least for Sunday morning.  There is no way I can get the house ready for a showing.  Any normal prospective buyer would understand that so would make arrangements to view the house at a better time.  Honestly you would have thought I had committed a grievous crime by saying no to a showing.  So at the end of the contract we won't be renewing.  She is supposed to be working for us and if she sells at the bottome end there is a $15,000 commission but a lot more if she sells where we want it sold.  The bottom line is it really is her loss.  We are planning on relisting privately at the end of this contract.  We've seriously have had it with real estate agents!

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Anonymous said...

I live in PA so I don't know if it makes a difference but around here people see homes for sale by owner they want a lower price with the commission taken off. Right now in the US it is a buyer market and they want everything including your first born. Some things they include is a lower price and the seller paying some or all closing costs. When I had trouble selling 2 homes we bought a St. Joseph statue at a religious store and used that. It worked fast too. Good luck in selling the house, the most stressful time in my life.