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Monday, April 2, 2012

Controlling the Spread of Disease in Your Home

I mentioned a couple of days ago that I have a rather nasty viral infection.  To prevent the spread of this virus I am using a 50% ethanol solution to sanitize those surfaces we touch on a daily basis.  There are several methods to help control the spread of any disease (bacterial or viral) throughout your household.  The biggest obstacle is trying to do this if you are the one who is sick but a lot of the following tips are easy to do, low cost and effective.  Here's what I do:

  • ethanol alcohol spray - Ethanol alcohol can be purchased at the dollar store for $1.  It kills bacteria and virii on contact.  One small bottle is enough to treat an entire house 4 to 6 times.
  • wash hands - Washing your hands often throughout the day, after you use the washroom and several times during food prep is a very effective way to prevent the spread of disease.  It is cheap and effective.
  • nix the hand shake - I'm sorry but I don't shake hands as a form of greeting and that isn't me being rude.  It is all about not spreading disease!  Shaking hands is a nasty way that germs are spread so just don't do it. 
  • increase personal hygiene - When you are sick you really may not feel like getting wet but it is the best thing for you.  It washes away bacteria and virii, sweat and cleans germ traps like your hair.  Besides showering can help you breath a bit better for respiratory based illnesses and relax you so you get a better sleep to help your body heal.  Forget what you look like, you're sick so you aren't going to look like a glamour queen.  Aim for two showers daily when you are sick, more if you feel like it.  Even a soak in the tub is a good way to relax and help your body feel a bit better.
  • increase laundry - Our normal laundry schedule is one or two loads every 10 days given we are a two adult household and have an large capacity HE washer.  During an illness outbreak it is imperative to go to a daily laundry schedule.  I know it is a pain but it is a very effective way to help control the spread of the germs.  Add a drop or two of tea tea oil to the laundry to help kill of germs and be sure to wash in the hottest water possible for the fabric.  All clothing, bed sheets, and towels the sick person used should be washed every day.  I know it sounds like a lot of work but it is very effective.
  • respiratory masks - When you have a respiratory infection it becomes airborne in your home every time you cough or sneeze.  This is really problematic for others in your home during your infectious period.  An easy solution is to use a respiratory mask.  It might not be as comfortable as you would like but it will help to stop those virii from spreading throughout your household.
  • garbage out - Empty the bathroom wastebasket and any other wastebaskets that could harbour germs from soiled tissues and any other illness related items a couple of times a day.  Get those germs out of your house.

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