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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Home Security

Over the past few weeks our area has seen a large increase in home break-ins as well as vehicle break-ins.    Most home burglars want a quick in and out with a bit of hiding.  They are looking for things that can be quickly turned into money more than likely for drugs but that is just an educated guess.  In our area they are targeting the easy grab and run items like money,  gold jewelry, and booze.  The reality is there are several things you can do to reduce your chance of being broke into.  Here's a few tips that work for us"

  • lock it - This seems like a very simple concept but honestly a locked door whether it be on a vehicle or home is a real deterrent for break-ins.  They aren't going to spend the time trying to get through a locked home or vehicle if there is an easier mark near-by.  The current recommendation is to keep your vehicle locked even if it is in your driveway or garage and to keep all doors to your house locked whether or not you are home.
  • lighting - An unlit house is more apt to be broken into than a lit house.  Use solar lighting mixed with motion activated lights.  Place the motion activated lights near possible points of entry.  Motion activated as well as timed lighting should be used indoors as well.  Do not leave outdoor lights on for extended periods of time if you aren't home as that is a dead give away the house is empty.  Timed lighting is great if it mimics your normal living style but quite frankly, an experienced burglar can likely see through this one.
  • get active in your neighbourhood - We are active in our neighbourhood watch program and I volunteer for our local program.  The thing is when neighbours get involved there is a decrease crime rate.  That is because now a days, neighbours have things like cell phones and digital cameras so can even catch criminals trying to break into your home.  Not only that, good neighbours are seriously worth their weight in gold.  Get to know your neighbours.  They know what vehicles should be at your home and who should be there when you aren't there.
  • alarm systems - An alarm system is a wonderful deterrent however, there has been some debate whether the system should be announced.  Generic decals are likely better because the burglar won't really know what system they are dealing with.  By far, monitored alarm systems are superior to those systems that are not monitored.  Monitoring usually costs about $20 per month but if something ever happens help is right there almost immediately.  Some alarm companies even add a red flashing light outdoors on your house so if your home is broken into, it becomes very visible within seconds sending the burglars to easier target.
  • notify police - If you are going to be away for an extended period of time, notify your local police department.  They will do extra drive-bys and respond a bit faster should your alarm go off or a neighbour calls.

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