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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Quick & Easy Easter Table Decoration

quick and easy Easter table decoration

Aside of Christmas, I am not big on decorating the house for holidays.  I hang a Canadian flag for Canada Day, put up a few decorations for Hallowe'en just for the kids visiting and then there's Christmas.  Honestly, unlike some I have no intentions of decorating for Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day and all the other days there are.  It's not that we don't celebrate those days I just don't decorate.  I did when our kids were smaller but when they left the nest, I gave it up.  Now with grandkids that's changing.  I'm back to doing a bit of decorating for any holiday they are here and even adding a few extra touches to make things special for the kids and grandkids when they visit even if it isn't a holiday.

Our local dollar store is amazing.  I'm not kidding!  Even though the prices have gone up I can find a lot of things that are Canadian made so I will support them just on that basis.  Besides they have a lot of neat things.  I wanted table decorations (not exactly centerpieces) for the tables in the games room where we would be eating our Easter dinner.  So I checked our local dollar store.  I found cute bird nest wreaths with three spots for decorated eggs to sit.  I added my standard candles that don't get burned because they are paraffin  so used only for decorative purposes.  I put two of these decorations on the games room table then used the extra decorated eggs that came in a sleeve of 10 in the fruit bowl for a hint of Easter and that was it.  I really liked the table decorations and the fact they were easily dismantled to be used again for another holiday.

We have storage under our stairs.  There is existing shelving so what I've been doing is creating a box of decorations for each holiday.  I package up the items then put a label printed on painter's tape on the box.  Next year I can easily pull that box out, add to it if necessary then go ahead and decorate with little fuss or muss.  It's neat and organized ready to grab and go.

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