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Monday, April 16, 2012

Healthy Feet Tips

I am a self proclaimed shoe-aholic.    I'm not kidding, I have shoes with the tags still on them.  For years I have listened to all the advice for healthy feet like wear all cotton socks and never wear the same pair of shoes twice in a twenty-four hour period.  My shoes are well fitted as well and I very seldom ever where exercise shoes or high heels with a strong slope.  Imagine my surprise when over the past few months I developed foot problems.  I suffered a rather nasty sprain on my left foot in February then  I finally went to the doctor because it felt like I was walking on a button on my right big toe joint.  X-rays show I have arthritis in my right foot and I do have a bunion that started developing in my pre-teens on that joint so it has been rather babied.  My doctor said the bunion would have to be corrected because the arthritis is making it worse but focus is on the current problem that will likely need an custom made orthopedic insole to get relief.   What I found out is some of the things I was doing for my feet like always wearing some type of covering even indoors was not exactly healthy.  Despite taking care of my feet there was still a lot more I could do to alleviate the pain of arthritis and make my feet healthier.

Here are a few of the things I am trying for healthier feet:

  • go bare foot - This is a huge one for me as I seldom go bare foot even around the pool or on our boat.  However, going bare foot is good for your feet.  In fact, contrary to when our kids were learning to walk, the new recommendation is to let the kids go bare foot rather than wear the once popular baby walking shoes.  Going bare foot is a natural way to control moisture, bacterial and fungal problems as well as helping with balance.
  • apple cider vinegar (APC) - APC is recommended both internally and externally for arthritis.  Concentrated apple cider vinegar tablets are available in health food stores and in the dietary supplement section of the pharmacy.  I have long suspected arthritis in my wrists and hands so one of our kids said to take APC.  I honestly could not believe the difference just taking two APC tablets with each meal made!  APC is also good for external pain relief.  Pour about four ounces of APC into a deep bowl then fill 3/4 full with as hot of water as you can comfortably put your feet in.  Soak for at least 20 minutes.  This will help relieve arthritis pain as well as prevent oncomycosis (the most common food fungus) as well as athlete's foot.
  • gel insoles - My doctor recommended buying a pair of trainers with gel insoles.  I don't like wearing trainers so bought a pair of Dr. Scholl's career shoes with gel insoles as well as extra gel insoles to use with some of my favourite shoes.  Trimmable gel insoles are an inexpensive way to keep your feet comfortable while still enjoying your favourite shoes.
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