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Monday, May 17, 2010

In Just 15 Minutes...

I think since the dawn of my television years I have always hated commercial breaks so used that time to multi-task.  It is actually how much housework or homemaking tasks can be accomplished just during commercial breaks!  Then I came across an idea of seeing how much you could accomplish in a 15 minute period under the rule that when the 15 minutes was up you stopped whether the task was completed or not.  Well that fit right in with my idea of homemaking!  I quickly reasoned that a few 15 minute homemaking sessions a day and I could keep the house looking neat and tidy without spending a long cleaning session each day.  Somehow breaking the work into smaller, manageable sessions made the work go a lot faster and it was more enjoyable.  At the same time this method kept me moving throughout the day.   

Here are a few things I do in just 15 minutes:
  • bathroom tidy-up
  • kitchen tidy-up
  • cooking/baking prep
  • fridge clean-out 
  • weed my garden beds 
  • fold and put away clothes
Garden Gnome