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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Proof Positive That Less is More

We all know that inflation has increased the price of practically everything but often we are oblivious as to how much.  As long as earnings keep up with our cost of living it is easy to overlook the rising costs of consumer products and services especially when the prices increase in small amounts each time.  For example you likely don't notice when the price of an item increases from $8.97 to $8.99 but you would notice if the same item increased to $12.99.  Another things consumers fail to notice is when the size of a product decreases slightly but they will notice if the decrease is dramatic.

I have been working from my yarn stash to work up a few dishcloths for gift giving.  A few days ago I asked my husband to pick up a skein of Bernat® Handicrafter® cotton 4 ply worsted weight yarn in no specific colour.  He brought me two in varigated colours at $8.27 per skein.  It's been a few years since I've had to buy cotton yarn but I think the last skein I paid somewhere around $6.99 for.  Pictured is the lable from the old yarn on top and the new yarn on the bottom.  Not only did is the new yarn more expensive there is 2 oz (60 gr) less of it!  To add a bit of further insult the old yarn label included 5 dishcloth patterns while the new yarn label only has 3 dishcloth patterns.  So all around I'm getting less product for more money and the labels prove it!

Garden Gnome