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Friday, April 30, 2010

Flameless Candles

Burning candles add a warm, soothing ambiance to any room with their flickering glow.  I make my own beeswax and soy candles for regular use in our home.  As much as I love burning candles there are times where the ambiance of a burning candle would be lovely but without the associated safety concerns or heating the room.  A while ago I discovered flameless candles.

flameless candles
Flameless candles are battery operated to can be placed anywhere.  The 3V lithium batteries are not rechargeable so this is something to consider when using them to ensure the batteries are disposed of properly.   Each battery will give last about 100 hours of flameless candle operation.    Apparently now there are rechargeable versions available so that may also be an option.

Flameless candles now come in a wide range of sizes and some even have colour changing flames for a festive touch.  I have 8 flameless candles in the tealight style.  They don't get a lot of use so I'm still on my first batteries for each of them.  They really are nice for adding ambiance when the grandbabies are home without worrying about a candle being accidently knocked over.  I also turn a couple of them on when showing the house for a nice touch yet I don't have to worry about them accidently being left on.  In the warm weather months I can have a few on without heating the house.

lit flameless candles
The flickering flame of the flameless candle is quite realistic.  Mine have a flickering yellow/orange flame close to that of beeswax candles when they are lit but a bit darker.  The light given off is a bit less than a burning candle similar more to some of the energy efficient LED night lights.

I use the flameless candles most around the Christma holiday season season where I can scatter them about to get the ambiance.  They are small enough to set on a narrow windowsill for that homey feel inside and out.   I honestly wouldn't buy a lot of these candles simply because you have to turn each one on individually but in perspective it is no different than going around to light candles individually. 

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