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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Birds Can Be A Problem

Morning Dove Nesting
April 29, 2009

Birds can cause a multitude of problems around your house and garden.  I watched our neighbour putting up steamers to stop birds from nesting over the awnings of his patio door.  I had to snicker a little while remembering all the problems birds have caused us over the years.  In retrospect the bird problems have been minor but at the time not so minor. 

I love feeding the birds.  So one year I tossed out the left over Christmas nuts for the Blue Jays and of course they always got their daily peanuts.  One of the downspouts of our gutters wasn't working but we couldn't figure out why until my husband took it apart to find the downspout practically filled with nuts and peanut shells.  One house we owned had a mulberry tree.  Now that was lovely cleaning the purple stains off of the light colour siding!  We've had birds down our chimney when heating with wood, birds hitting windows  and birds building nests where we don't particularily want them.  A couple of houses ago I was elated to see a Sharp Shinned Hawk (Sharpie)  hanging around and I did manage to get some awesome video.  My husband, on the other hand, was not impressed picking up the carcasses the Sharpie left behind.  We have had swallows at this house and our previous house that will seriously come right at your head missing by mere inches. 

When it comes to birds' nests we take the stance of leaving them alone if at all possible.  Pictured is the morning dove who made a nest in the eavestroph just abouve the downspout.  So apparently birds are not all that smart.  Anyway this nest was just above our main entrance and despite being build in a location where you would think water would be a problem the nest survived.  What was rather interesting is my husband or I  could go in and out that door without a problem.  Anyone else met the rath of a testy morning dove defending the nest. 

Birds can be a problem but for the most part should be encouraged as part of a healthy balance in your yard.  Sometimes they present a bit of a bigger problem but for the most part they provide a benefit to your yard and gardens.  I encourage birds via bird feeders, water sources and plants that will provide a natural habitat for them.  In return I get some rather nice pictures of our feathered visitors :)

Garden Gnome